10 Trendy Short Hairstyles With Bangs to Freshen Up Your Look


Without a doubt, short hair is the length of the moment. It has been steadily growing in popularity in recent times and has now hit a pinnacle point of popularity. Models, actresses, singers and ‘It’ girls have all gone the chop and debuted fabulous new hairstyles at a cropped length. For 2016 this major trend is taken to the next level with added bangs. Whether the look is a sleek bob with thick front bangs, such as Taylor Swift’s recent hairstyle for the Grammys, or a messy crop and swept-back side bangs, à la Rachel McAdams, this is the perfect hairstyle. Here are our top ten styles for short hair with bangs that will inspire you to make a dramatic change to your do. Now call your hairdresser, chop chop!


1. Side Bangs


Side bangs are a softer and more feminine way to approach this trend and as such, should be paired with an appropriate hairstyle. Steer away from sharp, short bobs and instead opt for a lob that sits on the collarbone.  This adds just enough length to your hair to keep it super feminine whilst still looking fresh and on trend. It also makes it much easier to gradually blend in the length of your bangs to the rest of your hair.


 How to Style Side Bangs

  1. Wash hair and part it to one side. A good marker for where to place your part is to keep it in line with the peak of your brow.
  2. Comb your bangs forward and to the side. Add a texturizing spray, such as John Frieda Beach Blonde Ocean Waves Sea-Salt Spray, and gently blow dry to create soft, beach-like waves.
  3. For added glamour, create bouncy curls using a curling wand.


2. Short Bangs


Short bangs are a rapidly growing but can be a little difficult to pull off. Short bangs make a big statement and pack a lot of attitude so your hairstyle must match to achieve a balanced overall look. Style short bangs with messy, choppy locks and don’t be afraid to cut your hair short to chin length or above. Now’s not the time to get shy around the scissors! Confidence is the key to pulling off this style of short hair with short bangs.


 How to Style Short Bangs

  1. Wash hair and add some volumizing mousse such as Kevin Murphy Body Builder .
  2. Allow hair to dry naturally and embrace your natural texture and avoid any unnecessary styling.
  3. Use a hair straightener to gently curl your fringe back down toward your forehead. The short length of your fringe may give it a tendency to stick out at strange angles so this will help finish your look. You want to look messy chic instead of straight-out-of-bed. Be careful not to actually straighten the strands though as that would ruin the natural texture of the style.


3. Thick Bangs


Thick bangs can appear quite heavy on the face which is why opting for a shorter length is a good idea. It helps to balance the look and keep it from looking bulky and drab. Keep lengths at or above the collarbone to appear more glamour than Gothic. For a super stylish look with thick bangs, a chic bob is definitely the way to go. Channel Taylor Swift or Rose Byrne and part your hair off centre to keep the look fresh and current.


How to Style Thick Bangs

  1. Towel dry hair and apply an anti-frizz serum, such as L’Oreal Paris Elvive Smooth-Intense Anti-Frizz Serum.
  2. Blow dry your hair straight. Then run through the length of your hair and fringe with a straightener to tame any remaining frizz and smooth out thick hair.
  3. Curl ends inwards to help frame your face and give your bob some lift. If your look still feels too heavy, try styling your fringe to the side or separating strands in the middle.


4. Straight Across Bangs


Straight across bangs may make you think of your early school years but they are back and chicer than ever. This style is great for those with rounder faces, such as Jessie J, or super defined cheekbones, such as Karlie Kloss. The best style to suit straight across bangs is a bob. Shoulder length, chin length or a flapper girl, cheek length, straight across bangs and a bob are meant to be. Have your hairdresser cut your bangs to just below your eyebrows to keep the look polished and sultry.


How to Style Straight Across Bangs

  1. Wash hair and apply a heat protective product such as Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Primer.
  2. Blow dry hair smooth before straightening your hair all over.
  3. Straighten your bangs last, splitting it into underneath and top for thick hair. Ensure your bangs are perfectly straight to make the most of your look.


5. Blunt Bangs


Like straight across bangs, blunt bangs can create quite a severe look. But if drama is what you are after, then these are the bangs for you. Both shoulder length lobs and chin length bobs work great for this style. A bob adds to the theatrical style of the bangs whilst a lob softens it. Blunt bangs should be cut thick and heavy with no thinning. Have your hairdresser taper in the sides to gently frame the face and offset the severeness of this style.


 How to Style Blunt Bangs

  1. Wash hair then blow dry it straight.
  2. Section hair into even parts and run through locks with a straightener.
  3. Gently curl in the ends of strands with a straightener to soften blunt ends.
  4. Once hair is completely styled, add shine with a serum or mist, such as Redken Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist. Simply spritz the mist over your styled hair to give a boost of shine and leave hair polished to perfection.


6. Natural Curly Bangs


Do you have naturally curly hair? Next time you walk into the hairdresser channel a bit of Baby from Dirty Dancing and cut your hair to include curly bangs. Curly bangs are one of the coolest trends of the season and pack a whole lot of attitude into one do. Perfect for lengths that just graze the shoulders when dry, curly bangs match perfectly with high volume, bouncy curls. Whether your bangs are long, short or parted to the side, give the styling tools a rest for now and embrace your natural curl.


 How to Style Curly Bangs

  1. Wash hair and apply a curl enhancing product to wet hair. We recommend TIGI Bedhead Foxy Curls Curl Spray to define and separate curls whilst keeping frizz at bay.
  2. While wet, simply pull curls into your ideal position for your bangs. Then allow hair to dry naturally to avoid disrupting the curl through heat styling.


7. Curtain Bangs


Bridgette Bardot’s signature curtain bangs are back in fashion. And thanks to “It” girls such as Alexa Chung and Jennifer Lawrence we now know how to wear them. Curtain bangs are the perfect look to try with a grown out bangs. This simple style is sexy and sweet at the same time. It can also be used to soften a severe looking middle part.


 How to Style Curtain Bangs

  1. Wash and blow dry hair.Concentrate on drying the roots so that they appear smooth whilst the body of your hair retains its natural wave.
  2. Comb your bangs forward and part them in the centre. Gently comb each piece out to the sides of your face, creating a gap in the middle.
  3. Finish your look by using hairspray, such as Toni & Guy Casual Flexible Hold Hairspray, to hold your curtain bangs in place.


8. Eye-Grazing Bangs


Eye-grazing bangs can create a sexy look and suit most face shapes. Have your hairdresser cut yours in the ‘M’ shape to keep hair out of your eyes. Also, regular trimmings are a must for this style. Instead of cutting your bangs straight across ask your hairdresser to let the sides gradually taper in to keep the look soft and feminine. And the perfect hairstyle to match these soft bangs? It’s a feminine layered lob of course.


How to Style Eye-Grazing Bangs

  1. Wash and blow dry hair.
  2. Straighten your bangs using a thin straightener such as the GHD Gold Mini Styler.
  3. Use a larger straightener to create soft waves in your hair. To achieve a grunge look, leave hair to dry in its natural texture and avoid any heat styling and product use.


9. Swept-Back Bangs


If you have lengthy side bangs, sweeping them back instead on styling them forward can create a fresh look. Furthermore, if you have started growing out your bangs, this is also the perfect style for you. Swept-back bangs look perfect with lobs, bobs and even grown out pixie cuts. They create the perfect balance between chic and carefree. For a more subtle version, wear your swept bangs as Rachel McAdams or for a bolder look, pair with a close shave on the side, such as Miley.


How to Style Swept-Back Bangs

  1. Wash hair. If you have thin hair consider using a thickening shampoo such as Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo, to add the necessary bounce to your flipped over fringe.
  2. Blow dry your fringe upside down. Concentrate on the roots to create extra volume.
  3. Use a straightener to style your hair, either curly or straight, starting the iron a couple of centimetres away from the roots. Straighten bangs toward the back of your head before flipping over to one side.


10. Thin Bangs


If you have thin hair you may be thinking that bangs won’t suit you but you’d be wrong. Thin, “piecey” bangs have never been more popular than at this very moment. So there’s never been a better time to have bangs if you have thin hair. Cut your hair to just below chin length and add front facing bangs. Although you may think that your bangs look strange, they are actually perfect for your look. Thin bangs create space and open the face more. This is particularly useful for those with small, oval faces.


How to Style Thin Bangs

  1. Leave your hair unwashed. Slightly dirty, your hair will now have sufficient oils to keep this look a little “piecey” and stylishly messy.
  2. For those who are low maintenance, simply roll out of bed and go. For those who are not, brush hair but not bangs and use some hair pomade such as Malin and Goetz Hair Pomade to give your style extra texture.

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