8 Best Online Shopping Sites for Ladies on a Budget

Is there anything better than getting cosy on the couch on a rainy day and shopping through all the latest styles online? That rush of purchasing a new dress with a simple click is almost too good isn’t it? Too good and maybe a little too easy. If find yourself blowing your rent money on online shopping, it’s time to set a budget. We’re not saying that you need to give up online shopping altogether, just that you need to head to the right sites to save your hard-earned dollars. Try these 8 online destinations for styles that you’ll love at prices that you can afford.




If you haven’t shopped online at ASOS, you’ve seriously been missing out. This site is a one-stop destination for all of your fashion and beauty needs at a reasonable price. Filter through thousands of on-trend products from a variety of brands as well as the ASOS house labels.


Website: www.asos.com


2. Nasty Gal


Created by “girlboss” Sophia Amoruso, Nasty Gal began as a humble eBay store selling vintage clothing. Since then, the brand has grown into an e-commerce giant that sells a broad range of genuine vintage and new, vintage-inspired pieces. This site is perfect for girls with a little bit of attitude who like to have a lot of fun.


 Website:  www.nastygal.com


3. COS


COS is like the older, cooler and much more refined sister to H&M. Made by the same company, COS steers away from fads and passing trends while H&M embraces them. Offering a range of minimal and modern wardrobe essentials, COS will provide you with pieces that last beyond the current season. Although you will pay more than you would at H&M, you’ll get your money’s worth.


 Website:  www.cosstores.com


4. Forever21


Forever 21 offers super-affordable casualwear that is both cute and stylish. This user-friendly online store is the perfect place to pick up all the trends that you want to try without investing too much financially. The brand also loves social media and often re-posts customers’ photos, so get buying and then get snapping to feel the online love.


 Website: www.forever21.com


5. H&M


Do we even need to introduce H&M? The Swedish super-retailer is everyone’s first choice for affordable, fast-fashion clothing, and its online store makes it all available from the comfort of your home. Sit on the couch while stocking up on great basics, lingerie, trends, accessories, workwear, activewear and even homewares.


 Website: www.hm.com


6. Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters stocks a huge range of brands and styles so that you can find what you need for the price that you want. Filter products by categories, styles, lengths, sizes, colours, brands and prices to quickly hunt down key items, or just click through pages and browse all the lovely styles.


 Website: www.urbanoutfitters.com


7. Marks and Spencer


Marks and Spencer, which launched its Australian web store this year, offers a range of relaxed and chic styles that are all well within budget. Check out the brand’s extensive range of accessories to find affordable pieces to match every outfit. Also, explore the M&S & Alexa Chung Collaboration for great vintage-inspired styles.


Website: www.marksandspencerlondon.com


8. Free People


If you’re a free spirit or a hippy at heart, Free People is the online shopping destination for you. This bohemian retailer dishes up the goods when it comes to dreamy designs. Fill up your basket with wonderful pieces that are fit for brunch, the beach or a trip around the world. Also, take a look at the brand’s Movement label for great activewear.


Website:  www.freepeople.com

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