Shopping at Cult Beauty for the first time

Unlike other beauty sites, Cult Beauty cherry-pick and sell only cult products. This means that you’ll find brands and products that you won’t find anywhere else. Having said this though, you’ll also find some of the biggest and most well-renowned brands out there such as Charlotte Tilbury, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Morphe and The Ordinary. As well as other brands that really do live up to their hype, that I hadn’t necessarily heard of or seen on the blogosphere.

So let’s see my Cult Beauty haul;

becca glow on the go set review


First up we have makeup and just look at that stunning rose-toned hue! In addition to knowing that the brands which feature on Cult Beauty are really hall of fame style products. They also do a brand of the month each month, with October’s being Bleach London. You get free shipping on that specific brand, making it well worth trying them out. Especially if you’ve been meaning to for a while now. I actually only associated the brand Bleach London with fun and colourful hair products. So this was a really pleasant discovery. As I say, you find yourself discovering some real hidden gems on Cult Beauty, something that’s not as easy to do on other online and in-store beauty retailers.

Not only is the Matte Le Blanc name ingenious. But the colour and pigmentation of it is unreal. If you’ve been meaning to jump on the lip kit bandwagon but didn’t want to shell out an absolute fortune on fees and shipping from the US, for example. Then this is the product for you. Their Illuminati is another huge hit for me! I’ve been on the lookout for an affordable liquid highlighter. But I hadn’t been able to find one on the High Street.

Enter Cult Beauty. And at just £6 it’s a real must-buy. Talking of highlighters, I’ve been dying to treat myself to one of BECCA’s cult Shimmering Skin Perfectors for quite some time now. I always make sure to swatch them when in Sephora, in the US or in Space NK, here in the UK. But I always ask myself if I will really use and finish a full size of them. So these little travel sizes are perfect! BECCA seem to bring out one of these limited edition Glow On The Go sets every year. I’m still more than a little bit miffed that I missed out on the Moonstone one. And this year’s is this gorgeous rose gold shade.

Another brand that I’ve always wanted to try something from are Jouer. And the formula of this has totally sold me on their creme liquid lipsticks. This particular shade, Dulce De Leche, is the perfect cool toned nude.

cult beauty brand of the month


The next four products I actually hadn’t heard of before. But a quick check of their reviews cement why they’ve gained cult status. The first two are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in regards to their consistency. But I was so excited to try both of them out.

I think we’ve all probably heard about the benefits of charcoal. So I was really intrigued to see how this cleansing stick from Caolion and the Odacite masque would utilise charcoal. Firstly the masque actually comes in powder form, something I’ve never seen or tried before.

I’ve also never tried a cleanser in stick form either. But this melts from balm to oil. And I’ve been using it after removing my makeup with the Skin Laundry Gentle Foaming Wash to do a bit of a double cleanse. I’ve already noticed a difference in particularly congested areas such as around my nose and chin. And I’m certainly putting it down to these two products. I also love the feeling of the Skin Laundry Wash as it doesn’t feel drying on the skin afterwards, like many other foam style products do.


And last but not least we have a perfume. I don’t tend to review perfumes and fragrances all that often on here anymore. Mainly because I stick with what I know. But this Kai Rose Perfume Oil is such an elegant and grown up scent, something I was definitely lacking. It’s also a great travel size, meaning it will be coming with me on my next trip away.

So there we have it my first Cult Beauty haul and it certainly won’t be my last. I’ve already got my eye on the following products. Is it too early to start planning my Christmas list?

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2 thoughts on “Cultbeauty

  1. Absolutely excellent customer service! I order from cult beauty regularly and on the odd occasion that I have needed to speak to someone, I have always had a reply well within a reasonable time frame and always above and beyond my expectations. It always seems they are one step ahead of the game and all replies are never stock responses. I’ve worked in customer service for 15 years and I think this is a fine, personal example of how teams should work.

  2. Stellar Customer Service
    I have been ordering from CultBeauty for several years now and have always been impressed with not only their product range but also their shipping efficiency. Today I happily report that I can also add customer service to that list. This to say the very least is stellar. I, by error (and for the first time ever), received an incorrect product and with simply one email from me and a matter of hours, this error was corrected and a replacement in the form of the correct item dispatched to me. In addition, as a gesture of apology I was also allowed to keep the incorrect item. Fabulous focus on the customer to say the least. Bravo!

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